Dental Bridges – Itasca, IL 

Elegant, Efficient Tooth Replacement

If you have lost one or more teeth, our Itasca dental team is here to help. We offer a number of elegant, efficient tooth replacement options , including dental bridges. A bridge can provide years of reliable function and pleasing aesthetics! If you are ready to recomplete your smile, get in touch with us today to book your consultation. We look forward to helping you enjoy improved oral health and heightened confidence.

Why Choose Hamilton Lakes Dentistry for Dental Bridges? 

  • Implant Bridges Available
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What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a multi-unit prosthetic that is designed to replace one or more teeth. Typically, a traditional dental bridge has two crowns — one on each end. The crowns get attached to the abutment teeth, which surround the gap in a patient’s smile. Between them, there are one or more pontics (artificial teeth) that “bridge” the empty space.

Bridges can be made of various materials. We often favor options that resemble natural tooth enamel, such as porcelain and ceramic.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are a couple of different types of dental bridges. When you visit us for your consultation, we will learn about your oral health and your circumstances before we recommend the form of tooth replacement that best fits your situation. Depending on the details of your case, we may advise you to get a traditional bridge or an implant bridge. Either option can provide sturdy and long-lasting function.

Traditional Dental Bridges

A traditional dental bridge relies on the remaining natural teeth for support. This type of restoration is strong and relatively cost-effective. It can also last for 10 years or longer. The biggest downside is that it does require some significant modification of the abutment teeth.

Implant Bridges

Instead of gaining its strength from natural teeth, an implant bridge is supported by dental implants, which are small titanium cylinders that get placed in the jawbone. They act as prosthetic tooth roots. Due to the longevity, stability, and bone health benefits they offer, dental implants are often regarded as the best form of tooth replacement.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

As a result of your choice to get a dental bridge, you may enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Prevent dental drift. A bridge can act as a placeholder that prevents your remaining teeth from drifting out of place.
  • Improved dental function. A bridge is strong enough to stand up to virtually any food.
  • Heightened confidence. Bridges can be designed to look incredibly lifelike. Onlookers may never know that you were missing any teeth!

Are you eager to learn more about dental bridges? Our team is ready to answer your questions — book your consultation today!